Nona Sushi

Came here for my birthday dinner and was wonderfully impressed! Love how affordable this place is, especially with the classy atmosphere, from the blue/violet beaded lighting hanging from the ceiling to the modern-looking white seating arrangement. Oh, and not to mention that the menu is essentially a picture book, which is SUPER helpful for choosing sushi rolls!

My eyes made the following decisions:

Fort Bragg Roll (tempura, 8 pieces) – spicy tuna, white fish, cream cheese, avocado, $10


Fort Bragg


Fort Bragg

Fantasy Roll (8 pieces) – crab, avocado, salmon, tobiko, and special sauce, $10



Nona Signature Roll (baked, 8 pieces) – salmon, scallop, avocado, real crab, spicy mayo, eel sauce, $13


Nona Signature

My taste buds favored the Fantasy and Nona Signature rolls and did not care much for the Fort Bragg roll. The real crab makes a huge difference with the Nona, and I love that each bite is packed with all kinds of ingredients! Despite being baked, it did not take long for the sushi roll to arrive at the table.


As a special treat for my birthday, I was presented with a platter of Fried Ice Cream, topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, and a nice chocolaty “happy birthday” message on the side – and they included a candle (I’ve learned that not all places will include this crucial element for birthday desserts…)! I have never had fried ice cream, but it turned out to be excellent! Then again, most fried foods taste great….There were a few drops of questionable sauce that may have been meant more for decoration than to be mixed with the rest of the platter, but I tried it anyway (because I wanted to know what the sauce was), and it did not mix well at all. Tasted like hot sauce. The concept of frying ice cream has always baffled me. Does it mean you can fry milk too? Can you fry cream? Water? I suppose anything can be fried.



Fried Ice Cream

If you’re in town and craving sushi, check this place out! It’s also great for a date night without breaking the bank, and they have a military discount (10% off)!


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