Bob Marley – A Tribute to Freedom


On an overcast night that would soon turn into a rainy night, my boyfriend and I were drawn to the ray of sunshine offered by this restaurant. In fact, we both ordered the “Sun is Shining” Curry Chicken that consisted of braised bone in chicken with Jamaican curry sauce, sweet corn, okra, white rice, zucchini, summer/yellow squash, carrots, potatoes, red bell peppers, and grilled pineapple for $14.95. Much to our wonderful surprise, we received a generous portion of everything, especially the chicken – drumstick, breast, thigh…practically the entire chicken! The entire meal was delicious too! The chicken was amazingly tender and juicy and filled with flavor. Seriously, you don’t even need a knife, the meat easily falls off. Some of the veggies were large cuts but tasted fantastic. And there’s plenty of rice to mix with the scrumptious curry sauce. Curry Chicken…”Could you be loved?” Oh yeah! We both loved this dish! So “don’t worry about a thing” and just order this meal, “cause every little thing gonna be [more than] all right!”


Curry Chicken

If it hadn’t been for the rain, we would have stayed longer for the live music, but instead, we left as they were setting up. The place seems great for dance, especially the “outdoor” seating area with all the colorful lights and Caribbean decor. I did enjoy the reggae music selection during our dining experience. They also have a variety of drinks from the bar with cool names.

“Don’t worry, be happy” and check this place out!




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