House of Pho


I almost ALWAYS crave pho, so when I discovered a nearby decent-sounding (based on Yelp reviews) pho restaurant during a trip to Florida, I just HAD to go. I had a Small bowl ($8.95) of pho with beef broth, tenderloin, brisket, flank, and tendon (Large is $10.95). The service was very quick. I was seated as soon as I walked in, and it took no time at all to get my order and for the food to arrive at the table. The waitress was also very quick about trying to take my payment, instead of allowing me to fill out the receipt and leave it at the table….



The food was good. The ratio of noodles to broth did not meet my expectations. I had a ton of broth, but not enough noodles. I also don’t like having a large chunk of green onion in my meal, I’d prefer it to be sliced small, like the rest of the green onion floating around in my broth. The broth itself wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t spectacular either. Overall, the food satisfied my hunger, but I felt that most of my meal consisted of water.


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