Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

I fell in love with this place the moment I set my eyes on all the delectable desserts on their Yelp page! For all dessert lovers out there, this place is a dream come true! The outrageousness of the Red Velvet Milkshake in particular captured my attention – who would ever consider combining a very filling milkshake with an ENTIRE regular sized cupcake PLUS whipped cream?!? Seriously, if diabetes was a meal, that’d be it right there.

So what did I order? The Red Velvet Milkshake of course! To be honest, I struggled a lot with the menu because of all the wonderful dessert options, AND this place was smart to include pictures of each specialty milkshake and sundae for visual decision makers, like myself. We came here to have dessert for lunch because we knew it’d take an empty stomach to even attempt to devour these beautiful, sweet treats. I was trying to decide between the Chocolate x5, Red Velvet, or Espresso Buzzzz milkshakes or the Brookies, Cookies & Cream sundae. In the end, with the help of my boyfriend (because I have Analysis Paralysis), the Red Velvet Milkshake won, because let’s face it, I just had to try it for the simple fact that it looks so insane! This crazy but alluring milkshake tower consists of vanilla ice cream with chunks of red velvet cake and raspberry sauce in a mason jar, whipped cream with rainbow sprinkles wrapping around the rim of the jar, a red velvet cupcake on top of the milkshake, and a cherry plus a mini chocolate straw at the very top for $12. Has your A1C spiked yet??? I was informed that I could keep the jar after finishing my dessert. The problem was, this monster dessert is ridiculously challenging to complete!! The cupcake wasn’t anything amazing. I would have been happily satisfied with just the milkshake, but then this dessert wouldn’t have been as attractive. In my last few bites, I was beginning to feel nauseous from the sweetness overload. I probably would have enjoyed the chocolate options more, but then again, it’s pretty awesome to be able to say I had this ridiculous dessert.


Red Velvet Milkshake

My boyfriend had the S’mores sundae. It was a marvelous dessert of chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, marshmallow cream, graham crackers, and jumbo marshmallow in the form of a giant s’more for $10.50. That marshmallow was nice and ooey gooey. The graham crackers seemed to form a fortress. The whole thing was delicious and was served in a lovely, wavy glass bowl that made me think of mermaids. My boyfriend was extremely full after he finished his dessert.


S’mores Sundae

This place is like something that belongs in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s really something to admire from both the inside and the outside. You are likely to be greeted by two staff members dressed as Penelope (the “creator” of the place) and a steampunk robot. There’s no denying that the desserts/food are all expensive, but the desserts are worth trying at least once!


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