Salsa’s and Beer

After a long road trip, my boyfriend and I were craving Mexican food and accidentally ended up going to the wrong Salsa’s and Beer location. This one happened to be closer to us at the time, according to GPS. This is a fairly new place. However, we prefer the one at Skyland Shopping Plaza in Spring Lake.


Spinach Enchiladas

Just like the other location, you will receive complimentary tortilla chips that you can dip in a variety of salsas that range in spiciness level. Our waitress even gave us two baskets of chips, though we didn’t ask or want a second basket…..I had the Spinach Enchiladas, which consisted of sauteed spinach, pico de gallo, melted Monterrey Jack cheese, and fire roasted tomatillo sauce, served with frijoles de la olla, sour cream, guacamole, and rice for $8.50. It was a great portion and great taste. The visit would have been great overall, if the staff had not been so busy casually chatting in plain sight that they paid no attention to us when we were trying to request our bill. The place only had a couple customers at the time, so essentially the staff was taking a break, or at least, that’s the impression we were given.

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