Bad Daddy’s Burger

I’ve been to the Fayetteville location a few times and boyfriend absolutely loves that place. We didn’t realize that there was another location in Winston Salem too! This one is smaller than the Fayetteville one, but we still had a good experience. I had Nick’s Patty Melt (rye toast, Swiss cheese, grilled onions, mayo, Dijon mustard, $10.45) plus sweet potato fries as my included side. I forgot to ask the waitress to substitute my bread because I’m really not a fan of rye bread. Otherwise, the taste of the “burger” was great. The meat was very juicy. I did ask for medium rare, but my meat was definitely a lot more pink than it should have been. The sweet potato fries were good, but I liked their tots more. The waitress jokingly told me to order something different, so I felt that I couldn’t order tots like my boyfriend had, since our orders would have been identical, which is rare for us to ever order the exact same thing!


Nick’s Patty Melt + Sweet Potato Fries


Tater Tots

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